Welcome to Cohen & Associates

Cohen and Associates is a professional development organization committed to leading the market in the delivery of effective, results-based training programs and learning materials to help our clients maximize their full human resource potential.

Best Solutions

We offer a wide variety of programs designed to provide measurable improvement in the skills of participants.

Custom programs are also available to meet your unique development needs.

Presenting & Selling

Plan, structure and deliver an effective presentation. Combat nervousness, powerful body language, and visual aids.

Communication & Conflict

Communicating your message clearly and effectively. become a powerful listener. Resolve conflict in a healthy manner.

Leadership Boot Camp

Managing the transition from team member to manager. Motivating and engaging others. Setting performance and development goals.

Develop A Feedback Culture

Become a leader who asks for and welcomes feedback. Create a feedback culture. Reinforce what works well.

Professional Services

David Cohen, PHR, has over 27 years of Professional Development and Human Resource Management experience at the Director level with expertise in the areas of training, employee development and executive coaching. Cohen & Associates. David travels extensively throughout the world conducting training courses for many international clients. Check out our Programs Page for a list of our Programs, and our Clients Page to see a list of the many Clients we have worked with through the years. You may see a few companies you recognize! If you have any questions or are interested in our services please fill out our Contact Us box on the right, or visit our Contact Us page by clicking the box below!

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