Communication and Conflict Managment: The Key to Business Effectiveness

Eighty percent of the people who fail at work do so for one reason:  they do not relate well to other people.  Productivity is greatly enhanced by the ability to communicate well.  In fact, it is difficult to think of a single job in which communication is unimportant.  Effective communication skills are clearly the keys to on-the-job success.

This interactive workshop discusses the various roadblocks to effective communication.  These roadblocks are more likely to stifle conversation, thwart the other person’s problem-solving efficiency, and increase the emotional distance between people than any other ways of communicating.  The ability to openly express ideas and opinions is critical to building strong relationships based on trust and respect.

Participants will be challenged to apply active listening skills with one another and develop their ability to deliver effective I-messages through various role-playing and listening exercises.

Conflict is unavoidable in human life.  It is disruptive at best and horribly destructive at worst.  Yet, some kinds of conflicts have important benefits. This course presents a tested method for resolving the emotional dimensions of the real conflict. Participants will learn how the differences of most realistic conflicts can be settled in such a way that the needs of both parties are satisfied.

Role-playing exercises with realistic workplace scenarios are utilized to allow participants to practice their newly acquired conflict resolution skills.

This workshop will teach you how to…

  • Communicate your message clearly and effectively
  • Become a powerful listener
  • Resolve conflict in a healthy manner that maintains relationships
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