Leadership Bootcamp

This workshop is designed to give new leaders who guide and direct the work performance of others, comprehensive management skills and tools to enhance productivity and performance within their teams.  This workshop covers the essentials of performance management including:

  • • Managing the Transition from Team Member to Manager
  • • Communication and Decision-Making Skills
  • • Motivating and Engaging Others
  • • Setting Performance and Development Goals
  • • Providing Effective Feedback
  • • Managing Employee Performance Issues
  • • Conflict Resolution Methods

Part I: Understanding the Manager’s Role

Adjusting to the Transition from Team Member to Manager

Motivating and Engaging Others

How to Manage Yourself and Model Professional Behavior

Part II:  Communication and Conflict Resolution

Roadblocks to Effective Communication

Active Listening Skills

Understanding the Dynamics of Conflict – Conflict Resolution Model

Part III: Goal Setting and Providing Feedback

Setting Realistic Goals

Giving/Receiving Feedback

How to Deal with Under-Performing Employees

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